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Acupuncture, Cupping/Manual Therapy, Aroma Acupoint Therapy™, Energy Work, Wellness Consulting. Sessions may include a combination of these Modalities. You will find a list of Services on the Booking page itself to choose from.
We provide a combination of modalities in each session versus just Acupuncture.
Fertility, Pain Management, Stress Relief and Women’s Health we have worked specifically in these areas with many patients over the years but we are not limited to these. We support a variety of health issues; please contact us for more details.
Yes, we want to talk to new patients before they come in so we can assess if we are the right fit for you. So please feel free to reach out by phone or text.

We try our best to accommodate your work schedule. We do have some evening appointments available for established patients or Virtual Appointments.

Yes for on-site Acupuncture services we can process claims for eligible plans. Please see our insurance link for more details.
Yes, we can run your HAS/FSA card, you will be provided with a receipt that will have all necessary information for being submitted for reimbursement or records.

Yes our Wellness Coaching and Energy Work can be done online. You do not need to live locally to benefit from these sessions. We love to work with people remotely.

Check out our Energy Work page for more information.

Due to the length of individual time scheduled for each patient we have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

Treatment depends on the duration, severity and nature of the condition being treated – a customized treatment plan will be created for you at your first appointment. An acute condition may only need two to three treatments, while chronic conditions may take more time.

Initial appointments may run just over an hour. Follow up appointments are also scheduled for an hour. We do have some 30 min sessions available for established patients with acute pain or wanting cupping/manual therapy modalities.

Feel free to call or text for more details on cost. This will vary with Acupuncture if you are using insurance and if you have a copay. Virtual Energy work and Consultation sessions are $125

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