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Intuition & Grounding Energy Work Sessions

Serve & support higher wisdom to offer guidance and nourishment

Are you highly sensitive, in the midst of major life challenges or craving change but feel stuck?

Do themes in your life seem to repeat?

Where do you seek Peace and Clarity?

How Does It Work?

Energy Work is a unique and powerful approach to access our potential as well as clear energy.

During the hour-long session, you will be safely and gently guided into a relaxed healing space where we will connect with your higher self, enabling a unique form of communication and healing – Spirit to Spirit- work. 

In this calm and peaceful atmosphere your inner landscape reveals itself and enables us to ask for guidance and clarity on a wide range of issues. As guidance comes threw you are also simultaneously receiving energy work to help integrate the messages. 

This process is very grounding and calming to the nervous system and is part of the uniqueness of these Energy Work sessions. Some clients ask for a general healing to see what comes forward while others may seek specific guidance.

Grounding & Clearings

Grounding balances and equalizes the energy within the body as well aiding in releasing negative energies and connecting to the earth.

What is grounding? We all know the quiet, calm and nurturing feeling that surrounds us when immersed in nature. It feels calming, nurturing and dense, and holds us in a special way. We feel it on hikes in nature, sitting under the tree of a neighborhood park, in our gardens or at the ocean. 

We are close to it always but stress, modern living and technology “unground” us. Grounding is a natural process that occurs when you spend time in nature but the peace, centering and sense of self we find can be accessed anytime and in any environment. Learning to ground is particularly helpful for highly sensitive people although, anyone and everyone does benefit.

Energy Work Bridge Wellness - Grounding & Clearings
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My energy work with Amanda was transformational. I went to another realm of understanding and insight I couldn’t have seen, and wouldn’t have been able to isolate my energy and emotions and trusted my own insight. Was like having someone tell me all the things I was feeling but couldn’t put into words. Very helpful and empowering. She has a true natural ability and a gift.


We lose Grounding and a sense of our true 
selves amongst overwhelm, stress and trauma.

These Energy Work sessions are focused on Grounding, as well as clearing negative beliefs, patterns and others disruptive energy influences.  The sessions may journey into your life themes and issues. Every session is unique to the journey of the moment and its present teachings.

Energy Work sessions may include:

Style of Energy Work

Energy work helps us let go of unhelpful patterns, beliefs and perceptions
The system is able to recalibrate and ground

Amanda Sullivan Antonetti Licensed Acupuncturist Marin

About Amanda Antonetti

Amanda Sullivan Antonetti is so grateful for this work, and has spent years exploring multiple Energy Work healing modalities, many of which are included in the information here. 

This energy work has formed into a specialized integration of Intuition Medicine ™ and guided meditation. 

As an Acupuncturist, much of Amanda’s career has been spent in a more technical healing modality; however she is very aware that healing takes place on multiple levels including the more abstract energy realms. 

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Understanding brings peace, harmony and healing.​

We are all influenced by different frequencies and energies that we may not be aware or have the necessary insight and tools to navigate. Amanda believes in the deep and profound way grounding can impact ones life and the essence of these sessions is to help you ground as well as gift these tools into your daily life.

These are not psychic reading; they connect with your highest self where we listen and source guidance and messages. Sessions may include explorations of current or potential energy in situations past present and future; the focus remains on grounding, clearing and higher wisdom messaging.

The Virtual Energy Work sessions have enabled me to branch out beyond my physical office location in Marin and meet up with many of you innovative spirits in the Virtual Realm. To learn more about me read my bio here.

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