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Amanda Sullivan Antonetti
Licensed Acupuncturist

About Amanda Sullivan Antonetti
Border Branch

Amanda Sullivan Antonetti, LAc, NCCAOM

Over the past 12 plus years Amanda has partnered with many patients to help them achieve wellness. She loves the work and is especially grateful for the interactions with patients and everything they teach her. 

She has worked and lived in Marin County for over 12 years where she has specialized in Women’s Health, Fertility and Pain Management.  She also has experience working with teens and greatly enjoys treating families.

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Amanda loves to explore and continues to study and implement different healing modalities that may support her patents. She appreciates the solid foundation studying Traditional Chinese Medicine set and continues to seek out additional methods that could serve her patients. This has led to a comprehensive multi level approach in treatments. She also studied with renowned professor Dr. Richard Tan and a majority of her practice is based on his acclaimed “Balance Method”. She has been amazed by the results many of her patients receive physically and the balance they begin to feel in all areas of their life.

Areas of Focus

Women's Health & Fertility

Years ago in Oakland Amanda had the opportunity to mentor in a very busy Women’s Health & Fertility focused acupuncture clinic where she became well versed in the many different needs of women and their partners on their fertility journey.


She has supported many women in the conception journey; including those going threw IVF. She is a member of Nor Cal Fertility a group of practitioners dedicated to supporting women on their journey.

Pain Management/Sports Medicine

Pain has been a big focus at Bridge Wellness.-all types -chronic and acute impacting various ages. Recently Amanda has begun exploring Sport’s Medicine and the use of electro acupuncture and enrolled in Mentorship class for Sports Medicine. 


A love of swimming and hiking has intensified an interest to support people in their athletic hobbies. She loves working with bikers and runners and anyone needing some extra muscular skeleton support and endurance.

Energy Work & Intuition Medicine & Meditation

Around 5 years ago Amanda did a 2 year program at the Academy of Intuition Medicine. She received a certificate in Intuition Medicine™.


She loves working with patients in the spirit of this work. Much of this work involves guided imagery and grounding practices. She also recently enrolled in a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher’s Training program and is loving and incorporating this realm in treatments already,

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Education & Experience

  • BA in English, UCSB
  • Master’s in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Emperor’s College, Santa Monica
  • California and National Acupuncture License
  • Academy of Intuition Medicine, 2 year Intuitive Program
  • Reiki 1 and 2
  • Sport’s Medicine Internship
  • Veterans Affairs Community Care Provider
 Currently enrolled
  • Functional Medicine University
  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher’s Training

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