Amanda Antonetti

Male and Female Fertility

“I have been seeing Amanda for almost a year and she has helped me with my fertility issues. I am in my 40s and have been doing multiple IVF cycles. With Amanda's help and visiting her at a regular basis in the last 7 months, I finally got pregnant!  I trusted her whole-heartedly and I believe in her method” 

FH, Marin county

One of the most satisfying areas of my acupuncture practice is working with fertility. In my experience Acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes combined with a women’s open heart and desire to have a child are a very powerful combination for conception.

I have helped many women get pregnant- each on a unique journey towards motherhood.  I team up with women at various stages of this journey. Some women come in to prepare for getting pregnant, other are dealing with underlying hormonal issues such as PCOS, and others are looking for additional support alongside Advanced Reproductive Technology.  Acupuncture treatments are proven an effective approach immediately before and after IVF.

I also work with men having fertility issues, including low sperm count, poor motility, morphology, or sexual dysfunction. Acupuncture, herbs and dietary supplements can all have a positive impact on male factor infertility.

Please feel free to call or email to discuss your individual concerns and situation.

Some fertility issues addressed with Acupuncture include:

Advanced Maternal Age
Elevated FSH Levels,
Hormonal Imbalances
Luteal Phase Defect
Male Factor Infertility
Ovarian cysts
Recurrent Miscarriage
Tubal Blockage
Unexplained Infertility
Uterine Fibroids

Marin Office: 5 Bon Air Rd, Suite 109, Larkspur, CA 

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